The PATENTED Safety Device That Can Save Lives! Save 10% When You Purchase Two or More Blinkits!

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We make a product that is essential in the modern vehicle. With our fast paced lifestyles it is easy to get distracted especially on the road. Our main goal is to make you SEEN! There are scientific studies showing the correlation between road signs with moving arrows having a higher rate of awareness by drivers of motor vehicles. However, those large bulky signs are not mobile or compact in any way. We bring science together with convenience and ease equating to a new level of safety for you as a driver.

The PATENTED Safety Device That Can Save Lives!

  • An Essential Tool for Any Driver

    Almost every vehicle will be stranded at least once in its lifetime. Emergency flashers are not enough to protect you from oncoming cars. Incease your visability and safety and with Blinkit.

  • Convenient and easy to store and use

    No need to worry about where this tool will fit in your car. It’s easy to store and even easier to set up! The Blinkit comes with a durable travel bag.

  • Bright LED lights with excellent battery life

    Visible in the brightest sunlight or the darkest night. Strong Magnets attach Blinkit to any
    metal surface. 3 AA Batteries provide over 100 hours of use.